Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Chickens!

As soon as I knew we were moving to the country I was excited to look into getting some laying hens.
Once we did move, our neighbor gave my daughter a little Banty rooster which we called Luther. Lex (my daughter,)  and Luthor. Lex Luthor, get it? She still loves the little guy. Here he is as a baby:

And now:
He's such a suck!

Soon after, we built a large coop and got some ready to lay red hens, Barred Rock chicks, and Leg Horns. we also bought some Ameraucanas that lay bluish green and olive colored eggs, and then some White Rocks for meat. Tasty!

The color variety of white, brown, blue and green eggs are really pretty in the carton.

 We sell the eggs, which has been fun for the kids because they like to help look after the chickens, wash and package the eggs. Here are some more of our chickens:

Some of our hens: (I think the reds have the best personalities)
White Rock chicks in the car on the way home from Frey's Hatchery.
All but one are grown and in the freezer now.

 Little Star Nugget, My daughter saved this little meat chicken and made her a pet.
Raven, one of our Ameraucanas which lay the pretty blue eggs.
The kids have learned to be very helpful. They always ask what there is to be done in the 'barn'. Even raking up chicken poo- without being asked!
Free ranging with the Barred Rocks
We've since built a 10'x30' run, which keeps them safer, but they can still run around comfortably and they're now easy to lock up in the coop when we need to go out and won't be home before dark.

Having chickens has been a real learning experience. They're fun to watch and to hear all their little sounds. They're such clowns!
 It's also a lot of responsibility and dirty work and its sad when the meat birds are processed, but I think overall, the kids have had a blast. It's taught them a lot and occupied them with something wholesome and constructive, so we all think it's been worth it.